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South Summit County Weekend Trail Report

South Summit County Weekend Trail Report

We recently broke ground on Phase 2 of the Slate Creek MTB trail in the Uintas (pictured here!) We ask you to stay out of new construction areas, lots of sharp machinery and tools in random locations! This new phase will make the trail 14.75 miles in distance so it will be worth the drive for Salt Lake County and Utah County visitors once it’s completed. Woo Hoo!!!

Here’s your weekend trail report courtesy of the South Summit Trails Foundation:
<Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon (Hike/Horse): gtg
<Oakley Trail Park (MTB): gtg. Seeking volunteers to help move dirt onto some berms, reach out if you can help!
<Franson Lane Trail (multiuser): Inner trail is dry, outer trail still has some spring flooding.
<Stevens Grove Trail (multiuser): this trail is dry with the exception of 2 areas, one of the areas is very flooded.
<High Star Ranch Trail (MTB): this trail is closed until the end of 2022 😕
<Slate Creek Mountain Bike Trail Phase 1, 5-mile loop(MTB): gtg. The creek crossing is still high and fast, so cross with caution. We are still in need of additional funding to complete Phase 2 so please consider donating at this link:
<Bench Creek Trail (multiuser): Mostly dry
<Lake View Trail at Rockport (multiuser): gtg
<Beaver Creek Trail (multiuser): gtg
<Yellow Pine Trail (Hike/Horse): gtg
<Tuhaye Trail (MTB. County line trail): gtg

<Rocky Top Trail (MTB/Hike/Horse. County line trail): gtg

Please report trail conditions to the South Summit Trails Foundation as comments, or email to [email protected]

The trail engineer’s dog smiles on the day’s progress building Phase 2 of the Slate Creek MTB Trail

2 Comments so far:

  1. Tiffany Nelson says:

    When is the 2nd phase of Slate Creek expected to be finished?

  2. Joe says:

    There is a down tree about a mile after you cross slate creek on the down hill going clockwise. 9/5/22 @ 10am

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