South Summit Trails Foundation

South Summit County Trail Report

South Summit County Trail Report

<Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon: mix of dry, mud, and snow at higher elevations and in the trees.
<Oakley Trail Park: Upper Rodeo is GTG but Lower Rodeo is still snow covered.
<Franson Lane Trail: some city construction going on, so the trail is a mess at the moment. Maybe best to avoid until further notice.
<Stevens Grove Trail: mix of dry and muddy patches but mostly dry.
<High Star Ranch Trail: frontside is dry but snow covered & muddy above Bad Hombre and on north exposure sections. Mtn bikers please ride lower section only. If you hit mud or snow and you’re making a track please turn around.
<Bench Creek Trail: mostly still snow covered with muddy sections at lower elevations.
<Lake View Trail at Rockport: mostly dry, some muddy patches.
<Beaver Creek Trail: mix of snow & mud, some dry patches.
<Yellow Pine Horseback Riding Trail: mix of snow & mud.
<Tuhaye Trail (county line trail): mix of snow patches and muddy patches. Mtn bikers, staying off until late next week is recommended.
<Rocky Top Trail (county line trail): this trail is dry at the moment except that last top section which is still has a few  patches of mud. Horse riders and bikers turn around when you hit the last muddy section at the top. ****Do the right thing and turn around when you notice you’re leaving a track, or donate to our organization to help us fix early and late season damage at:
Please report trail conditions to us as comments, or email to [email protected] #oakleyutah #kamasvalleybeautiful #utahtrails

Slate Creek Mountain Bike Trail NOT READY YET!!

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