South Summit Trails Foundation

South Summit County Trail Report

South Summit County Trail Report

All of the trails are covered in a few inches of snow, great for snowshoeing, hiking, and fat bikes.

Here’s your trail report!

<Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon: snow covered

<Oakley Trail Park: snow covered

<Franson Lane Trail: snow covered

<Steven Grove Trail: snow covered

<High Star Ranch Trail: snow covered, snow is too deep for fat biking up top

<Bench Creek Trail: snow covered

<Lake View Trail at Rockport: snow covered

<Beaver Creek Trail: snow covered.

<Yellow Pine Horseback Riding Trail: snow covered

<Tuhaye Trail (county line trail): snow covered

<Rocky Top Trail (county line trail): Mix of snow and some mud

Please report trail conditions to us as comments, or email to [email protected]

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