South Summit Trails Foundation


Kids running on the trail

Who We Are

Our VISION is to connect communities and increase recreational opportunities for present and future generations.

Our MISSION is to enhance the lives of community members through a system of interconnected and continuous regional and community trails located throughout the South Summit area of Utah.

What We Do


We organize citizens of the South Summit area to advocate for non-motorized recreational land use. We plan and build sustainable trails for runners, hikers, bikers, horses, skiers and more. We do this to connect communities in all areas of South Summit County to each other and to communities adjacent to our area.

What Trails Mean To Us

It is proven that trails enhance a community in countless ways. More trails in the South Summit area mean:

    • Better health through greater recreational and fitness options
    • More affordable options for family time
    • Safer communities
    • Safer routes to school for our children
    • Preserved natural views and resources
    • Environmentally friendly transportation options
    • And much more

The South Summit Trails Foundation assists in the planning, advocacy, funding, and management of local trails. We use trail counters to gather data about local trail usage in critical areas. This data helps us to better understand and manage our trails, and can also be useful when applying for grants and other funding. To learn more about the trail counters we use, check out Trafx at this link: Click here for