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To connect communities and increase recreation opportunities for present and future generations.

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South Summit County Trail Report

All of the trails are covered in a few inches of snow, great for snowshoeing, hiking, and fat bikes. Here’s your trail report! <Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon: snow covered <Oakley Trail Park: snow covered <Franson Lane Trail: snow covered <Steven Grove Trail: snow covered <High Star Ranch Trail: snow…

South Summit County Trail Report

All trails are covered in snow, great conditions for hiking and fat bikes, enjoy! Here’s your weekend trail report: <Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon: snow covered. <Oakley Trail Park: snow covered. <Franson Lane Trail: snow covered. <Steven Grove Trail: snow covered. <High Star Ranch Trail: snow covered. <Bench Creek Trail:…

South Summit County Trail Report

All trails are frozen mud and snow, weather is nice, get outside! Here’s your trail report: <Oakley Trail & Seymour Cyn: 80% Snow covered and 20% frozen mud <Oakley Trail Park: 70% snow covered, 30% frozen mud <Franson Lane Trail: mostly snow covered with some muddy areas near the river…

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