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To connect communities and increase recreation opportunities for present and future generations.

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South Summit County Weekend Trail Report

South Summit County Weekend Trail Report: This photo is of the Stevens Grove Trail in Oakley. Look at the ugly track that this fat bike tire has made. Weather is nice, and I know it’s tempting, but using the trails while they are muddy creates permanent damage that cannot be…

South Summit County Trail Report – 3/21/21

All trails are muddy! Even though it’s tempting, please avoid the trails until they are dry. This photo of the Coyote Trail in Wasatch County was taken last year in the spring and it shows really bad ruts from mountain bike tires. This type of damage is hard to repair…

South Summit County Trail Report: 3/16/21

All trails are muddy!  Even though it’s tempting, please avoid trails until they are dry.  Damage from use on wet trails is hard to undo and requires a lot of volunteer effort.  Here’s your trail report: <Oakley Trail & Seymour Canyon: mix of snow and mud. <Oakley Trail Park: mix…

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